venerdì 5 novembre 2021

Santa Maria Draperis Choir

On behalf of the Santa Maria Draperis church and Legion of Mary - Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted praesidium, we would like to invite people who have passion for singing in a group. The Santa Maria Draperis Choir is open to accepting members of the newly established choral group that will serve as the main choir for the English and Italian Masses. If you or your friends are interested, please visit the Santa Maria Draperis church and look for Father Makuta or any Legion of Mary members, leave your contact details to them and we will contact you for meet up and rehearsals. 

Do not worry if you feel that you lack skills in singing because all members will undergo intensive training on singing and music with the conductor and invited guest trainers. 

Contact: Dennis Carl Catostos Dapal 📧