martedì 8 gennaio 2019

BİRLİK DUASI HAFTASI - Settimana di Preghiera per l'Unità dei Cristiani - Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2019

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BİRLİK DUASI HAFTASI - 19-26 Ocak 2019


Başlangıç 19 Ocak 2019 Cumartesi, saat 18.00. Bakirköy Meryem Ana Rosario Latin Katolik KilisesiKüçük Yali Sok. 18 - 34142 Bakırköy.

Traditionally the week of prayer is celebrated between 18-25 January, between the feasts of St Peter and St Paul. In the southern hemisphere, where January is a vacation time, churches often find other days to celebrate it, for example around Pentecost, which is also a symbolic date for unity.
The theme for the week of prayer in 2019, "Justice, and only justice, you shall pursue ..." is inspired by Deuteronomy 16:18-20. The resources for the week have been prepared by members of different churches in Indonesia.

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