sabato 15 novembre 2014

Turkey, The Small Church That Will Embrace Pope Francis.

“Ever since the Pope’s visit was first announced, there has been a climate of expectation: “Blessed he who comes in the name of the Lord!” And now that we have received the official programme, the different commissions preparing for this historic event are at work. ” We have less than a month to get ready to welcome the Bishop of Rome who oversees the Universal Church in charity.”Father Ruben Tierrablanca, Mexican, Vicar General of the Apostolic Vicariate of Istanbul and the Superior of the international community of Friars Minor (which the Minister General of the Franciscan Order wanted in Istanbul as a presence to dialogue between Christian traditions and the Turkish Muslim world) cannot conceal his trepidation for the forthcoming visit by Pope Francis to Turkey, from 28th to 30th November.....LEGGI su